Rose Miller

Rose asks for prayers for her dad and stepmom, their relationship, and the overall family dynamic.

Jul-22 / last prayer 15h ago
Logan Porter

Logan wishes to pray for those carrying heavy burdens in their hearts and struggling silently, who have not yet come forward for support.

Jul-22 / last prayer 15h ago

Following the CIY conference, we ask for prayers to help us continue implementing practical actions that allow us to serve others, show love, and deepen our relationship with God.

Jul-22 / last prayer 15h ago
Aundrea Barnhart

Aundrea Barnhart is having her 1st treatment for Lyme disease on Wed. 7-24. Please pray that it will go well for her & it will work.

Jul-19 / last prayer 15h ago

Cooper asks for prayers for his family. They are going through a difficult period. Please pray for wisdom and courage as they navigate this challenging time.

Jul-21 / last prayer 15h ago