Ray Hite

Ray had a heart attack at the airport. He is thankful to be alive today by the grace of God & appreciates the many prayers he received. Ray asks for prayers for continued mental & physical healing.

Jun-11 / last prayer 38m ago
Steve Adams

Please pray for my uncle - Steve Adams- he will having a surgery to remove his tonsils that have cancer. He will stay in the hospital afterwards a few days.

Jun-11 / last prayer 28m ago
Joe Quickel

Please pray for Joe Quickel's son, Josh, for his spiritual well-being.

Jun-11 / last prayer 83s ago
Teresa Brooke

Praise report: Teresa Brooke's daughter Carol's neighbor's 6-year-old son Miles was thought to have brain cancer, but after a consultation, it was determined that surgery was not necessary.

Jun-11 / last prayer 29m ago
Sarah Smithson

Sarah Smithson, her Pet scan showed increase tumors. No more chemo but trying immunotherapy. Prayers for her to feel God and look to God. And for peace and healing

Jun-08 / last prayer 34m ago
Tim and Patty Hathaway

Please continue to lift up the Hathaway family. Tim is fighting cancer. Prayers for healing, strength and comfort

Jun-11 / last prayer 90s ago
Judy Reid

Please pray for Keith, who has a PET scan scheduled for July 1st. We are hoping for good results from his recent radiation treatments.

Jun-11 / last prayer 33m ago
Brian Mitchell Jr

Please pray for Brian Mitchell (junior) as he embarks on his new job at Sunset Camp, where he will be working as a lifeguard and camp leader. Be with him as he travels and works with students.

Jun-11 / last prayer 34m ago

For my baby brother Stevan as he enters into rehab. Praying his faith is restored and God keeps the devil away.

Jun-08 / last prayer 38m ago
Rose Miller

Please pray for Rose, who is currently in Kansas at Music Theater Wichita. She has a wonderful opportunity to minister to the ladies she is working with while painting.

Jun-11 / last prayer 41m ago